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Company Registration Process

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What are the processes required forcompany registration?

DIN registration:

It isaprocess is obligatory for each and every director of a company. Whether it is a private limited company registration, Public limited company registration LLP registration, One Person Company registration the obtaining of the DIN is the first thing for the company formation process. This Director Identification Number is valuable one for joining in a new company as well as branch out the business activities in major cities of India.

DSC registration:

As per the Information act, secure way of document authentication completing in an electronic way. Valid digital signature in a fast way is possible only by the DigitalSignature Certification. Completing the process is applicable one for all forms of company. The government approved agencies only allowing for the process completion. Solubilis is the registered agency under controller of certification agencies (CCA). DSC is applicable for one or two years, for long functioning it need to renew from time to time.

Reserve your place on MCA portal:

First of all the creating a new user account in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is totally free of cost. This portal is specially establishing for the registered companies to place their form in the way of E-filing. The registered users can pay their payment by accessing their account in the MCA portal. One time registration is crucial one for the life-long running of business. All the business relating registration and government payments are completing through this use of MCA account.

Process of company registration:

It is the major process concentrating on the reservation of company name, Address for the registered office of the company, members of the company and their reputed designation and share issue procedure are the notable and essential details relating in the major process of company registration. It is not only for Hyderabad it is a common one for all company registration process following in India. There are lot of form submission is following in this process of company incorporation.


What is a Company?

A Company is a base of business structure. It is the separate legal entity. Company has the same rights which are equal to the natural person. It is applicable in the cases of deserving the debits; sue others and being sued by others. Company owners can protect their personal assets with limited liability.

The association of people is enough for the company formation legally it is the separate legal entity completely free from its shareholders. One Person Company, Private limited company, Public limited Company, Limited liability Partnership, Unlimited liability, Non-Profit organisations, Trust are the different types of Company to run a business.

No minimum capital amount limitation to initiate the company in India. Common company seal is the optional one. This process is following instead of Signature form the authorised director. Board resolutions are confidential one. These are the basic features and all are effective from the Companies act of 2015.

Is government of India allows a foreign company registration?

Yes, foreign nationals are allowing for establish their business setup with the company registration procedures following in India. Now foreign nationals can spread their business colour in India.

Memorandum of Association and Article of Association are the two documents stands out with the crucial information of a company. All the business relating constitutions are binding with these essential documents.

Documents Required

  • Submission PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • ID proof copy (Voter ID, Passport, Driving License) any one is required.
  • Photo Copies.
  • A copy of passport, certified from home country.
  • A copy of address proof registered officially in home town.